Client Axis v.073 Released

I just released an update to Client Axis to allow for the incorporation of the new Web Hosting Module (also recently added). It has been a long time coming for the update and module, but I’m glad it’s finally here.

Next step: work on v.08 with a LOT of modifications and tweaks to improve usability and workflow … wish me luck!

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Mac Users: Check Websites in IE without a PC

If you are frustrated with IE7 on PC ruining your hard work and having to call up your buddy to constantly look at your work on his PC, you may want to check out NetRenderer. It will take a snapshot of your website in Internet Explorer 7, 6 or 5.5 and display it for you.

Seems like a decent alternative to since NetRenderer will display it instantly … and as a designer, time is a luxury I don’t have.

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Snap a Snoop

Adam Pash over at posted an interesting tutorial on how to use your iSight to snap a photo of anyone who tries to (unsuccessfully) log into your Mac!

I unfortunately don’t have an iSight with my Mac but the idea intrigued me. A new way to monitor who’s snooping where they shouldn’t belong. Now there’s an actual use for your iSight besides video chatting with your one other iSight user or making your “home movies”. ;)

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Quality Inspector = Numerous “Concerns”

If you hire a quality home inspector (which I did) you will find out that you truly do get your money’s worth! Of course I insist anyone having a home inspected would definitely walk along with the inspector … otherwise when you see their final report, you will wonder how the house could even be standing!

After having a 3rd party look at the list (which was 93 lines full of 65 “concerns” from the inspector) to give their opinion, they wondered if I should even continue with the sale at all! It does look intimidating, but when you actually have the inspector explain each one, many are very minor (and may not be an issue). Many are common when it comes to older houses (like the 1969 home I am buying) but some sound much worse than they really are. And the vast number of items is simply because they have to write down every little thing they find. A small drip in the faucet … on the list, a broken piece of siding … on the list, etc.

The good news is that the 8 items I requested from the seller was returned with 7 items they would repair (the final was a wish, but not necessary) so I am happy with the result.

Finally I may be able to find some time to finish up some projects … before I have to move out of my home on July 2nd that is. :P

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Increasing My Debt

Since this is my first real post, I will fill everyone in on the main reason I have been offline / delayed when it comes to projects and responses. I have just increased my debt by about two-fold …

Yes, that’s right … I’m buying a house. I previously purchased my first “home” (a townhome) in May of 2002 and have been living there since. In the past 5 years I feel I’ve outgrown the space and location, as well as realizing that I’d like to look to the future (ie. marriage and a little one … I’m referring to a dog of course). ;)

So I put my townhome on the market the end of March (knowing that it’s not the best time to be selling) and waited to find that perfect person. Well, it took nearly 2 months to find that perfect buyer, but it did finally happen. Granted it had to happen the 2nd day of my vacation in Las Vegas, so that didn’t help with any relaxation.

But with my house finally out of the way, I was able to focus on finding the perfect house. After 60+ homes of disappointment, I found “the one” … of course so did another couple. As I’m walking through the house figuring out what I want to offer, my realtor gets a call that another offer is coming in on that very house. This takes the ability to low-ball and negotiate out of the picture … so my “best” offer it is.

Luckily they accept my offer and we move on to the inspection phase … we’ll see how that goes.

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Fresh Start

I am not sure how many people actually read my blog posts (or lack there-of), but for those who do visit will know that I have been very few and far between on adding updates. This is usually because I have so many projects and events going on in my life that I cannot possibly find time to write about business tips or news in the industry.

So instead, I am starting fresh and focusing more on updates of my life itself, my business, scripts and other bits of information I might find interesting. A major factor for this decision is the number of people that will email me or catch me on IM and ask for what’s going on, why I haven’t responded in a while, etc. Recently I have been very busy and find that I’ve been explaining the same situation to multiple people (which is very counter-productive) … thus this blog will explain it all.

Sit back, learn a little bit about me, why I tick the way I do and the reasons why it’s not as easy to “send a quick reply” … you just make learn something! (ok … probably not, but maybe you’ll at least get a laugh out of it). ;)

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