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House Progress – Living Room

It’s been a while since I wrote anything and I took some progress photos a while back and thought I’d post an update for the house. This time, the living room and entry way. Before: After: I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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House Progress – Master Bath

I thought I would finally post some updates to the house since we’ve been working on them periodically since we moved in. The first is the master bathroom. Before: After: The first obvious change was the wall color. We chose … Continue reading

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Online Forms and Logic

As I was making an online payment for my auto insurance, I noticed an all-to-frequent issue with online forms: button placement. Logic would tell you that to go forward or to the next step, you would click on the button … Continue reading

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Finally, My Own Cornhole!

My own cornhole set that is! After getting addicted to the game at a friend’s bonfire, I’ve wanted to build my own for quite a while. Depending on others to bring a set or trying to borrow them for an … Continue reading

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Lays and Helvetica Neue?

As I was stocking up on some groceries (since the house was about as bare as the Jelly Belly factory after a Reagan visit) I stopped in the chip aisle to pick up some snacks for my lunches. That’s when … Continue reading

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iPhone Price Drop a Surprise?

For all of those angry iPhone owners who sat in line and shelled out $600 for the very first iPhone, is it really a shock that they have now dropped in price? Every “new” technology comes out of the gate … Continue reading

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Evidently Air is No Longer Free

At gas stations that is. I noticed this morning that my front tire was a little low on air so I drove over to one of the gas stations along the way to work. My first stop was SuperAmerica and … Continue reading

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“Flip” Shows: Deter or Encourage?

Looking at the television show selection these days you would never guess that we are currently in one of the worst housing markets in years. TLC and A&E pack their line-up with shows like: Property Ladder, Flip This House and … Continue reading

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I-35W Bridge Tragedy

Since it made national news (and even had the President fly out) I’m sure everyone has heard about the I-35W bridge collapse over the Mississippi River on August 1st. Being a Minnesotan it obviously hit close to home. Given that … Continue reading

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Looking for Phone Service? Enter your phone number …

As I have been researching and setting up all new services for my move, I’ve noticed a serious lack of thought in some of the websites out there. In particular was Frontier, a phone / internet / tv provider. Since … Continue reading

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