House Progress – Master Bath

I thought I would finally post some updates to the house since we’ve been working on them periodically since we moved in. The first is the master bathroom.



The first obvious change was the wall color. We chose a blue color that was actually in my old bathroom … we liked it that much. There was quite a bit that was removed and updated, with still plenty to go. The major upgrades we made were:

  • Painted all the walls
  • Put up a shower curtain (they actually took the curtain!)
  • Replaced the shower head (was an old hand-held that hit the back of the shower)
  • Took out the ceramic toilet paper holder and towel rack, patched the wall and installed a new polished silver set
  • Took down the mirror and replaced it with a Menards special
  • Added some new towels, decorations and under-cabinet storage bins
  • Changed out the light switches and outlet



In time, there will be some even bigger projects:

  • Replace the pink tub
  • Replace the shower knob
  • Tile the floor
  • Change out the vanity and sink
  • Replace the faucet
  • New lighting
  • Replace the toilet
  • Add another outlet by the sink
  • … basically everything

The joys of home ownership … always something to work on! :)

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