iPhone Price Drop a Surprise?

For all of those angry iPhone owners who sat in line and shelled out $600 for the very first iPhone, is it really a shock that they have now dropped in price?

Every “new” technology comes out of the gate at a premium price, specifically to capitalize on the eagerness of buyers to have what’s new. Anyone remember the iPod’s, the XBox and PS2/PS3 pattern? They had the same price-drop strategy as well. It’s all part of marketing. If you are still not aware of the patterns, it’s your own fault.

For those who just bought an iPhone, it is nice to see that you can get the $200 price difference back (if purchased within the 14 day window), while others are only eligible for $100. Personally, I don’t believe Apple owes anything to those original iPhone customers. They set the price and people paid.

Technology changes, productivity increases, prices drop … it’s how things go. If you haven’t noticed that pattern yet, read that sentence again. They say you remember things better if you repeat it 3 times … for all you technophiles out there, repeat it 12 times just to make sure. I don’t want to hear you complaining about how your [insert new innovative product here] just dropped in price after 2 months and you think it’s unfair.

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