Evidently Air is No Longer Free

At gas stations that is.

I noticed this morning that my front tire was a little low on air so I drove over to one of the gas stations along the way to work. My first stop was SuperAmerica and pulled up to the pump only to see a sign notifying me of the $.75 charge for air? Given that all the gas stations around my previous home were free, I decided to drive a block down to the Holiday station to check that out. Sure enough, air wasn’t free there either, but at least cheaper at $.50.

Since I didn’t want to drive that distance with a low tire nor did I want to be late to work, I dug through my change compartment to find two quarters to buy some air. I’m pretty sure this isn’t “premium” air or anything … just a way for the stations to make some extra money off their customer’s misfortune.

Personally I find it a bit sad to charge for air … and up to $.75 at that. What’s next? Charging for the use of the window squeegee?

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