Looking for Phone Service? Enter your phone number …

As I have been researching and setting up all new services for my move, I’ve noticed a serious lack of thought in some of the websites out there. In particular was Frontier, a phone / internet / tv provider.

Since I am moving to a new area with a new zip code, I am in need of a new phone number. However, when trying to get pricing on the Frontier website I am constantly asked for my phone number to provide pricing? I don’t have a phone number yet, that’s what I’m trying to sign up for. What ever happened to entering your address, city or zip code to check pricing?

I ended up looking up the city online and found a random phone number for my neighborhood so I could at least get past their initial screening. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would rather see pricing online instead of calling a phone number, so having such a hindered method to view prices will surely harm their credibility (and thus number of sign-ups).

Just goes to show you how important outside input is in a website design. The programmer may have worked everything out perfectly, but unless you put yourself in the shoes of every type of visitor, you could be losing valuable visitors.

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