Harry Potter & the Dis-Order of the Phoenix

If any of you Harry Potter fans have been one to make an evening out of the midnight first showing of a new Harry Potter film, you know exactly what I’m about to describe … utter chaos.

My girlfriend (Emily) has a tradition with her friends to go to the first showing of any new Harry Potter movie, and this year evidently it was my turn to be initiated into the cycle. Given that I haven’t read any of the books, I wouldn’t say I’m a die-hard Potter fan … though I have seen all the movies (mostly on DVD) and will admit they are decent. Evidently everyone else at the packed theater that night, however, was a die-hard Potter fan.

Boys young and old were walking around in their cloaks, wearing their round glasses and waving around sticks (evidently they were “wands”). :P Girls were dressed either in similar cloaks as the boys or sporting the uniform of the school (white shirt, maroon and gold tie and skirt) … but in a sluttier version. Any other location (like bars on Halloween) I would be all for outfits like those on a girl in her 20′s … but these are girls in their tweens (10-13)! Aside from the fact that no girl in the movies has an outfit quite like that … how can parents let their girls go out in public like that? Even worse … there were plenty there with their parents!! Did you not see what she was wearing when she hopped in the back of your mini-van?

Obviously this is starting to show my age … and that I’m probably transforming into “dad” mode instead of “guy” mode. Even though I’m years away from being a father (and many years from a tween-age daughter), it still boggles my mind what some parents allow with their children these days.

Even more showing of my age is that I just can’t stand being up till the wee hours of the morning anymore. The movie started 20 minutes late, thus not ending until nearly 3am. Add onto that the chaos that is trying to drive out of a jammed parking lot with hundreds of other vehicles and a 30 minute drive home … and I may need to be “busy” for the next Harry Potter opening night. :P

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