Dish Network or DirecTV?

I am about a week and a half away from closing on the house, meaning I am trying to arrange for all of my new services to start up when I move in. One of the questions I’ve been fighting with is what to choose for my television service. I originally had Comcast at my townhome but was quite frustrated with their service … there were more outages with cable than everyone I talked to who had Dish.

So I have been researching the channels and packages and they both appear fairly equal … the only channel I would be missing is DIY Network as Dish Network only offers it on the highest package (and the lowest, which doesn’t make sense … but whatever). I’ve talked with family and friends about their packages and all say they are good.

To get some sort of decision going, does anyone have a suggestion either way? If you have one of them, why you would recommend it or why you wouldn’t choose it again even if it were free … etc. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. pbradish says:

    My parents have a dish and it is always going out they want to use it – during storms/snow/high wind.

    I have had Comcast for nearly three years with minimal issues. I think some of this may just have to do with how well they operate in your specific area though, and how old the lines are.

    Just some food for thought.


  2. Kevin says:

    Comcast actually isn’t available in the area, so it isn’t even an option this time (though not sure I’d go with them if they were). The cable option was Charter and perhaps they would be decent, I’m just up for trying something new. My parents have Dish and they’ve only had short outages during storms, nothing major.

    Right now I’m looking at price, so that will probably be the main factor for now, but thanks for the advice Paul!

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