Adventures of Moving Out

So this past weekend I had to move out of my townhome as I had to turn over the property by 5pm on Monday. In addition to the stress of just getting everything packed, life just couldn’t resist throwing some extra in the mix.


  • Call friends to confirm they will be helping me … nearly all back out

  • Miss a call from Uhaul stating that they SHOULD have a truck for me on Sunday, but they’ll call me with what it is and where I need to pick it up (obviously not at the Cottage Grove location as I was originally told)
  • Arrange for my brother-in-law to help me load up the heavy stuff before he goes to the waterpark with the kids


  • Receive the call from Uhaul at 9am that a truck is available but I have to pick it up in Apple Valley (25 minute drive). Not too big of a deal since I am getting a storage garage there, so I can set it up when I get the truck
  • Wait forever to finally get the truck checked out and start setting up the storage information
  • Specifically ask if I get back after office hours (after 5pm on Sundays) that I will be able to get in, offload the truck into my storage and can leave the Uhaul truck on-site … he says YES
  • Get the truck back and bust my ass loading up everything I can fit
  • Attempt to secure the ramp but will not go in all the way. Call Uhaul, get hung up on twice, finally talk to someone and says that nobody can come out, so just drive with it and see what happens (yeah right)
  • After tying rope around the ramp to secure it, I luckily have 5 people willing to help me offload at the Uhaul storage location and drive there (now after-hours)
  • The moment I find the storage garage I see they have a padlock on it
  • After deciding I would get some cutters, cut it off and buy them a new lock after offloading, I swipe my security card to ensure the alarm won’t go off …
  • Immediately after swiping card, screen says “Sorry, area closed”
  • Calling the Uhaul hotline gets me nowhere as they say I need to talk to the local Uhaul (which is closed)
  • Find a maintenance guy to see if he can help but he instead insults us, slings threats at my parents and all-around presents more problems than we already have
  • Between the option of cutting the lock, opening the door with the alarms going off and the cops showing up or coming back the next morning … I chose the latter
  • I lock the truck, position it in front of a camera and leave it on-site
  • Back at the house, I load up my car with some items left (about 4 pick-up truck loads) and I drive them to my secondary storage location (my parent’s house)
  • Upon arrival I try to turn off the ignition but the key will not turn
  • After many neighbors look at it, I realize it’s the tumbler assembly again (something I had replaced 3 years ago, but obviously happened again
  • I drive it over to the shop near my parents house, pop the hood, un-hook the car battery and flip the lights on (finally, the car dies)
  • I get a ride back with my girlfriend to try to finish moving my belongings and clean the house


  • 7am I am at the Apple Valley location with most of my help gone (since it’s now a weekday morning)
  • Talking to the manager she informs me that the lock SHOULD have been taken off, the guy setting up the storage SHOULD have told me that the 24-hour access is an extra $10 (which he never even offered) and the maintenance guy SHOULD have called her as that is the main reason everyone has her phone number
  • The manager was actually quite nice and arranged for me to move the storage location to one under a canopy so we could pull right up to offload the truck … hopefully that doesn’t backfire when I have to load it all up again to move to the new house
  • After hauling ass to get everything off the truck and into the storage garage (a lot of Tetris-like figuring out to make it all fit) … I had to leave for my closing at 9am (back in Woodbury, a 20-minute drive not counting morning rush-hour traffic).
  • The closing goes well, I make it with 1 minute to spare
  • After, I make 3 more truck loads of my belongings to remove the remainder of my items from the house and can finally say I am “moved out”
  • I now live with my parents until July 31st


  • I get my car back with a new tumbler and a $275 bill to pay
  • I try to catch up on work but the parents only have dial-up internet, are out of town for the 4th of July and don’t remember the password to access (and of course nobody in the neighborhood has wireless I can mooch off of)
  • I collapse from exhaustion …

This is only half over, I have to do it all again July 31st when I move into the new house. I can only imagine what will happen during that time …

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