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Looking for Phone Service? Enter your phone number …

As I have been researching and setting up all new services for my move, I’ve noticed a serious lack of thought in some of the websites out there. In particular was Frontier, a phone / internet / tv provider. Since … Continue reading

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Gimme : Automotive

I’ve decided to add a new category for “Gift Ideas”. This is more for my own personal tracking I guess as there are many times during the year that I think of something that would be good to add to … Continue reading

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Dish Network or DirecTV?

I am about a week and a half away from closing on the house, meaning I am trying to arrange for all of my new services to start up when I move in. One of the questions I’ve been fighting … Continue reading

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Harry Potter & the Dis-Order of the Phoenix

If any of you Harry Potter fans have been one to make an evening out of the midnight first showing of a new Harry Potter film, you know exactly what I’m about to describe … utter chaos. My girlfriend (Emily) … Continue reading

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Minnesota State University, Moorhead Going Smoke Free

My alma mater, MSUM (then called Moorhead State University) is going 100% smoke-free on January 1st, 2008. They will be banning smoking, tobacco use and tobacco sales on all university property. Evidently MSUM is among the first major universities in … Continue reading

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Transformers the Movie

Seen it twice, kicks ass … that is all.

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Adventures of Moving Out

So this past weekend I had to move out of my townhome as I had to turn over the property by 5pm on Monday. In addition to the stress of just getting everything packed, life just couldn’t resist throwing some … Continue reading

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