Quality Inspector = Numerous “Concerns”

If you hire a quality home inspector (which I did) you will find out that you truly do get your money’s worth! Of course I insist anyone having a home inspected would definitely walk along with the inspector … otherwise when you see their final report, you will wonder how the house could even be standing!

After having a 3rd party look at the list (which was 93 lines full of 65 “concerns” from the inspector) to give their opinion, they wondered if I should even continue with the sale at all! It does look intimidating, but when you actually have the inspector explain each one, many are very minor (and may not be an issue). Many are common when it comes to older houses (like the 1969 home I am buying) but some sound much worse than they really are. And the vast number of items is simply because they have to write down every little thing they find. A small drip in the faucet … on the list, a broken piece of siding … on the list, etc.

The good news is that the 8 items I requested from the seller was returned with 7 items they would repair (the final was a wish, but not necessary) so I am happy with the result.

Finally I may be able to find some time to finish up some projects … before I have to move out of my home on July 2nd that is. :P

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