Increasing My Debt

Since this is my first real post, I will fill everyone in on the main reason I have been offline / delayed when it comes to projects and responses. I have just increased my debt by about two-fold …

Yes, that’s right … I’m buying a house. I previously purchased my first “home” (a townhome) in May of 2002 and have been living there since. In the past 5 years I feel I’ve outgrown the space and location, as well as realizing that I’d like to look to the future (ie. marriage and a little one … I’m referring to a dog of course). ;)

So I put my townhome on the market the end of March (knowing that it’s not the best time to be selling) and waited to find that perfect person. Well, it took nearly 2 months to find that perfect buyer, but it did finally happen. Granted it had to happen the 2nd day of my vacation in Las Vegas, so that didn’t help with any relaxation.

But with my house finally out of the way, I was able to focus on finding the perfect house. After 60+ homes of disappointment, I found “the one” … of course so did another couple. As I’m walking through the house figuring out what I want to offer, my realtor gets a call that another offer is coming in on that very house. This takes the ability to low-ball and negotiate out of the picture … so my “best” offer it is.

Luckily they accept my offer and we move on to the inspection phase … we’ll see how that goes.

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