Fresh Start

I am not sure how many people actually read my blog posts (or lack there-of), but for those who do visit will know that I have been very few and far between on adding updates. This is usually because I have so many projects and events going on in my life that I cannot possibly find time to write about business tips or news in the industry.

So instead, I am starting fresh and focusing more on updates of my life itself, my business, scripts and other bits of information I might find interesting. A major factor for this decision is the number of people that will email me or catch me on IM and ask for what’s going on, why I haven’t responded in a while, etc. Recently I have been very busy and find that I’ve been explaining the same situation to multiple people (which is very counter-productive) … thus this blog will explain it all.

Sit back, learn a little bit about me, why I tick the way I do and the reasons why it’s not as easy to “send a quick reply” … you just make learn something! (ok … probably not, but maybe you’ll at least get a laugh out of it). ;)

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