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TPS Reports

So if you are a fan of Office Space (like I am) … find out just how big of a fan you really are by taking the 100 question Office Space Quiz. Some are pretty basic but there are so … Continue reading

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VR Design Firm

VR Design Firm is an idea I’ve had for a few years now but never had time to work on it. I still don’t have much time to work on it … but I’m going to try to fit it … Continue reading

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Server Hard Drive Failure

Unfortunately this past Saturday my server experienced a hard drive failure with the main boot drive. My support team acted promptly by removing the old drive, finding a replacement and installing the new one. Of course there was still a … Continue reading

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WWII Memorial at the State Capitol

I added a few of the photographs I took during the WWII Memorial at the Minnesota State Capitol to my deviantART gallery. Check them out if you like.

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Client Axis v.073 Released

I just released an update to Client Axis to allow for the incorporation of the new Web Hosting Module (also recently added). It has been a long time coming for the update and module, but I’m glad it’s finally here. … Continue reading

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Mac Users: Check Websites in IE without a PC

If you are frustrated with IE7 on PC ruining your hard work and having to call up your buddy to constantly look at your work on his PC, you may want to check out NetRenderer. It will take a snapshot … Continue reading

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Snap a Snoop

Adam Pash over at posted an interesting tutorial on how to use your iSight to snap a photo of anyone who tries to (unsuccessfully) log into your Mac! I unfortunately don’t have an iSight with my Mac but the … Continue reading

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Quality Inspector = Numerous “Concerns”

If you hire a quality home inspector (which I did) you will find out that you truly do get your money’s worth! Of course I insist anyone having a home inspected would definitely walk along with the inspector … otherwise … Continue reading

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Increasing My Debt

Since this is my first real post, I will fill everyone in on the main reason I have been offline / delayed when it comes to projects and responses. I have just increased my debt by about two-fold … Yes, … Continue reading

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Fresh Start

I am not sure how many people actually read my blog posts (or lack there-of), but for those who do visit will know that I have been very few and far between on adding updates. This is usually because I … Continue reading

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